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Big Boy BBQ

Miss M
So it's been a pretty big week for K and I, we've both been swamped with assignments, assessments and work but today, we finally got to take some time off and eat to our heart's content. As I've been craving ribs all week and K has yet to try the ribs at Big Boy's, we decided to give Hardware Lane's Big Boy's BBQ a spin. 
The platters and burgers that you could order
Big Boy's was surprisingly empty when we got there so we were seated at a table almost immediately. I was expecting the place to look more like an American diner, but Big Boy's just kept it simple and stuck with a blue, white and red color scheme. For once in our lives, we already knew which platter we wanted and ordered the Wings 'N Ribs as it was the only platter that included ribs and didn't have a suggested serving size of 3 or higher. Seeing as the platter was very meat loaded, K and I decided to have the lightly spiced crunchy chips and house salad as sides to the platter and our future selves really thanked us for that decision later on.
While waiting for our food to be served, I had a bit of a squiz around the restaurant and saw this up on one of the walls. I thought it was a good idea overall as it provided an explanation of what a barbeque really was and in addition answered any frequently asked questions (of course that meant people would have to read the wall and ain't nobody got time for that... except us). Our drinks were served in red plastic cups, which K and I thought was a super cute idea and very American party-esque. Too bad we decided to practice self control that day and only drink water out of them instead of drinking to our deaths with soft drinks. Big Boy's really stuck to their motto of "Slow Food...Fast" as in no time at all our mouth watering platter came out. 
Wings 'N Ribs:  Regular wings and half a rack of Kansas City style dry rubbed pork with lightly spiced crunchy chips and house salad with lettuce, tomato, feta, cucumber and olives - $35.00 + $4.00 (for the upgrade to dry rubbed pork ribs)
Now that platter may look small and burnt, but let me assure you it was completely the opposite of that. Everything was cooked to perfection and by the time K and I were done with it,we were completely satisfied. The pork ribs were so incredibly soft and succulent which admittedly I was a little worried about as they were black when they came out. I loved the fact that because the meat had being smoked at a low temperature for 16 hours or so they weren't scorching hot when they came in. They were just the right temperature for us to dig in straight away when they came out. The ribs were served on a bed of white bread (which K and I didn't touch as we didn't want to get full from bread and have no room for ribs) and also had a side of pickles. They were absolutely delicious, flavoursome and in addition, had a lot of meat attached to the bone which made me rejoice as I always get annoyed about ribs being more bone than meat. 
The army of sauces 
While the ribs were already quite flavoursome, there was also an army of sauces on the table which we could drown our sides in, in my case I drowned both my meat and sides in sauce as they were so delectable. While they all had their merits, my favourite sauce of the bunch would have to be the Hot Boy Spicy BBQ sauce, there's nothing I love more than being able to add a little bit of spice to my food. It really added to the wings which I  found to be really juicy, soft and just as good as the ribs. K and I were actually saddened that there were only 4 wings in our platter and tried to eat tactically so we could balance out the wings with the amount of ribs. The sides proved to be a good decision on our part as the chips were perfectly crunchy, seasoned and went really well with the meat. The salad was somewhat plain and would generally not wow anyone on it's own but however in this case it provided some freshness to our heavy meal and was greatly appreciated by K and I.
The t-shirts available for sale, our favourite one was the one on the right
I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Big Boy's BBQ and by the time we were done my appetite was completely sated which I was pretty bummed about as I was really looking forward to trying out their peanut butter cream pie with chocolate ganache. There's always a next time though and for me, the taste of those smokey ribs and the sound of that dessert is more than enough to pull me back. Just a side note, Big Boy's also sold t-shirts! K and I were thoroughly amused with the "Ribbed for your Pleasure" one so we thought we'd take a photo and include it here as well for some giggles. That being said, you guys should definitely give Big Boy's a spin! You get so much value for your money and honestly who could say no to ribs?

Big Boy BBQ
27-31 Hardware Ln  Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9670 9388
Opening Hours:
Sun - Weds 12pm - 9pm
Thurs - Sat 12pm -10pm
Pricing: $$
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Do you like to eat ribs? What's your favourite place to eat ribs at?

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  1. Hi Miss K and Miss M!

    In addition to our Port Melbourne venue, we have just recently launched a new cafe in Prahran, and would love you to come in and try our coffee and food. I am more than happy to offer you breakfast or lunch on the house. We have a number of interesting dishes including Russian Specials, and American inspired BBQ.
    Our chef is the legendary Ryo Kitahara, a protégé of Iron Chef Sakai, and with nearly 70 menu options, there is plenty of choice. Alongside our extensive menu, we also serve sensational coffee!
    It sounds like you might like our Pulled Pork Slider, or Reuben Sandwich, and some say we also do the best Gourmet Burger they have every tried. Just let me know which day you would like to come in.

    Kind regards,

    Ph: 0435 891 944

  2. Good afternoon,

    I wanted to let you know about a new BBQ Rib Eating Competition we have just launched.

    Starting from the 24th of February and over the next 6 weeks we will be holding BBQ Rib Eating contest once a week. With the 6 finalists to battle it out for the $1000 cash prize on Monday 7th of April.

    The competition is simple, eat as many American BBQ Ribs as you can in 35 minutes plus a side of coleslaw (coleslaw must be fully consumed to qualify).

    Entry fee is $99 and the winner on each night will get their money fully refunded. Entry into the final is also free.

    The ultimate winner will receive $1000 in prize money, an obligatory T-Shirt and their picture on the Wall of Fame. Registrations to the event are made online We are planning on making it a biennial event.

    If you think, your readers may be interested in the event, could you write about it. If you have any questions, please contact me on or on 9676 2399.

    Thanks for your interest,


    P.S. If you still haven’t had a chance to drop in and try our fare, please do. We have an open invitation for all bloggers (and a friend) to have lunch or breakfast on us in either Prahran or Port Melbourne Cafe.

  3. Hello from Third Wave,
    We have touched base with you on another occasion inviting you to try the new café in Prahran. Now I would like to invite you to try our American BBQ dinner menu.
    On the menu are 5 different meats and Smoked Salmon. They are all smoked with different woods to impart specific flavours and are done with dry rubs. Beef Brisket, Beef Ribs and Lamb Shoulder are smoked for up to 12 hours using Hickory wood in a proprietary mix of spices. Brisket is marinated for up to 48 hours prior to smoking. The amazing flavours penetrate the meat such that you don’t need to add any sauce.
    Pork Ribs and Chicken are smoked with Maple wood for 5-6 hours. Pork Ribs are the standout of our menu, fall of the bone, juicy and packed with flavour. No sauce required (only if you want to add that extra punch).
    Salmon is marinated, dried out and smoked with Apple wood. People often say that the result is nothing like they tasted before.
    We have lots of tasty side dishes as well as house made BBQ Sauces. See the entire menu at
    We would love to invite you and a friend to try the American BBQ menu. Please email me on with a suitable time. Dinner will be on us.
    The invite is for the Prahran venue. Thank you for your consideration.

    Best regards,

    P.S. We also have a really interesting Reuben variation, Pulled Pork and Soft Shell Crab Sliders and a few tasty quesadillas. Lots to try.