Friday, 4 October 2013

Breakfast Thieves

Miss M
Upon waking up, I was feeling rather peckish as the night before, K and I had attended a ball and sadly it had only served up a 2 course meal. As we checked out of our hotel, I saw people walking by with coffees and food in their hands and was contemplating different ways to steal their food (key word: contemplating). Enter the idea of going to Breakfast Thieves.
Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Smith St, we found Breakfast Thieves thankfully before the hail started. The interior was simplistic yet charming and we were quickly seated thanks to the communal table that could fit all five of us. I loved the fact that each table had a bright and full bouquet on it as opposed to the single flower you would normally see in cafes, it really brightened up the place and all of our moods... except for E's.
We called this piece, the juxtaposition of life and death, obviously E had too much fun last night.
Since the boys were too hungover to stomach any food only C and I ordered food and drinks, as per usual I opted for the chai tea while C went for the soy hot chocolate. The chai was decent overall and was nothing too special but I liked the fact that it came out in a teapot as I hate it when my chai tea goes cold and the teapot kept my tea nice and warm. 
Calmer Sutra Chai Latte - $4.00
While waiting for our food to arrive, C and I looked around the room and noticed this cute blackboard which said "Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues". I really couldn't have said it better myself, as there have been many a time when have I bitten into a raisin cookie expecting the sweet taste of chocolate only to taste nothing but disappointment and lack of faith in the world.
The food took its sweet time coming to us but when it did, it did not disappoint. I ended up choosing the Brioche Pain Perdu which was unusual for me as I never opt for sweet breakfasts but after this one I think I might just have to start to! 
Brioche Pain Perdu: French toast served with spiced wine poached pears, white chocolate mascarpone mousse and candied pistachio - $17.00
Look at that beauty of a dish, I loved everything about it!! Not sure if it was just because I was really hungry and slightly hungover but I thoroughly enjoyed it, the pears were perfectly poached and really helped balance out the heaviness of the french toast (which mind you was also very delectable). The pistachios added that much needed crunch to the dish and as for the white chocolate mascarpone mousse, I would have to say it was honestly the star on the plate. I am a massive fan of white chocolate and this one was just so wonderfully smooth and creamy. I hate it when white chocolate is overly sweet and sugary but this one was done just right. 
The Legend: Spicy baked eggs with spanish chorizo, roasted mushroom, green peas, feta, served with herbed garlic toast - $18.00
As for C, she took the savory route and ordered the baked eggs which turned out to be quite disappointing. While I liked the heat in the dish, I found it to be too salty and after a few nibbles I was already reaching for water. The eggs were also a little too runny for my liking but however they provided relief from the overwhelming saltiness and once C finished the eggs, she struggled to finish off the rest of her dish.

How cute are the little golden books? I used to love reading and collecting these as a child!
My experience at Breakfast Thieves was really enjoyable, the cafe had a chilled ambiance to it which was good for all our hangovers and my breakfast was absolutely delicious. So much so that I want to try more sweet breakfasts from now on as this one proved to be so good. But overall however, it was a bit of a hit and miss so if you do go be sure to try out the brioche rather than the baked eggs!
Also here's some snaps of K and I at our ball, apologies for the lack of updates from K as she's been super busy with her mid sem intensive course and med interview, she'll be back when our exams are over and done with!

Breakfast Thieves
Shop 1, 420 Gore St  Fitzroy VIC 3065
Contact: (03) 9416 4884
Opening Hours:
Mon - Closed
Tues - Fri 7:30 am - 4:00pm
Sat - Sun 8:00am - 4:00pm
Pricing: $$
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Do you prefer sweet or savory breakfasts?

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